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Our mission is to empower those facing unplanned pregnancies with hope and life-affirming choices

One of our greatest privileges is serving clients who have perhaps never been shown the love of Christ before. Many people have received judgement and vitriol due to their health choices, and it is our joy to not only bless them, but serve them with the knowledge that their lives, as well as the life of their child, matter.

Some clients have graciously articulated what exactly impacted them during their appointments: to hear: "You matter," or "Your health is important," are key takeaways that clients have mentioned after being served through IMGN Life's medical team at Choices Women's Center. Some commented that they knew they "weren't alone", or heard for the first time: "You have a bright future. We can help you create a plan to get there." That is fresh hope that's given freely to clients! Finally, just learning about their options can make all the difference, and as one client noted, "An informed choice is a healthy choice."

Thank you for your vital support - it uplifts our clients and allows them to be fully and completely seen and served with the love of Christ.