Join the Diaper Brigade

We strive to create a culture of life in our community. This goes beyondBe_a_Hero_for_Families_in_Need conversations in our ultrasound rooms and into building bridges, making connections, and meeting the long-term needs of those coming into our center.

Finances are often a contributing factor in whether or not our clients choose life for their baby. With the selfless giving of our Diaper Brigade program, we're able to help clients long after they make this decision.

For about $50 each month, you can provide diapers and wipes through the entire first year of a child’s life. Contact the center to get involved, and we'll match you with a family in need.
How does it work?

We will match you with a family and let you know when their baby arrives. When it comes time for the first month’s supply of diapers and wipes, your options are to...
1. Bring (or ship) diapers and wipes to our center for client pick-up
2. Ship diapers and wipes directly to the client’s address (if approved by client)
3. Or send payment for that month’s diapers and wipes
In the future we will update you on sizing changes, the need for a specific brand, and if any other requests come in from the family you will be the first to know. Our goal is to keep you paired with the same family throughout the course of the baby’s first year, this also allows us to speak life and encouragement into the family’s life each month.

Email or call us to get paired with a family | 540-370-1800

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