Sanctity of Human Life Month is...

As we enter the month of January, we embark on a special journey together – the Sanctity of Human Life Month. In response to the Roe vs Wade decision of 1973 President Ronald Reagan declared January 22, 1984, as the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day. Four years later, President George H.W. Bush expanded the holiday to National Sanctity of Human Life month. The decision to protect life is now in the hands of individual states rather than the federal government, and each community has the opportunity to make a more localized impact for the lives represented in their own backyards. This annual observance is a powerful reminder of the intrinsic value and preciousness of every human life, from conception to natural end. We, at IMGN Life, will join the nation in observing this incredible holiday by
celebrating the preciousness of every human life,
raising awareness about abortion,and the broader spectrum of pro-life advocacy,
and advocating for life-affirming choices in our community.

We Invite YOU!

At IMGN Life, we are passionate about championing the sanctity of human life, and we invite you to join us in a month-long campaign dedicated to this important cause. Throughout January, we will be engaging in a series of events and activities designed to celebrate life, educate our community, and support individuals and families in need.

How to get involved?

IMGNLife is taking the entire month of January to emphasize the sanctity of human life in our community! We want to engage with you and your congregation. Click each tile below to learn how you can get involved!