Dear Friend,

This is often the season of reaping a harvest from the seeds sown through much blood, sweat and tears. Jesus often uses metaphors of farming to let us know what God’s Kingdom will be, and how we can know in our humanity what supernatural, spirit-led growth looks like.

This past year has been a soul-stretching, challenging, yet rewarding year for IMGNLife, in Fredericksburg, VA. After much contemplation and prayer, you joined us as we went on the offensive to reach more in abortion-vulnerable situations, rather than wait for them to come to us. After much anticipation, you supported us to launch our STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing and treatment program for pregnancy-decision patients, counseling them on sexual health and introducing them to God’s design. You partnered with us to to introduce wrap-around care to the our clients so they can experience so much more than an ultrasound picture: they can come back for mentorship classes; they can find support and programs offered through local churches; they can build relationships with care-team members so they go from solo to support system; they can have a hand to hold should the pregnancy take an unexpected turn.

After a year of planting such valuable seeds into the soil of our community, we find ourselves continuing to ask God to provide. Expanding services have brought about additional costs. We are growing, but want to do so in a healthy, sustainable way, and need your support to help us increase our outreach and impact on the region. We are humbly asking that you’d help us close the budget deficit we currently face of $111,000 by the end of 2023. Will you pray about how your, or your company, or your church, might be able to invest in us providing the water that God will use to give growth?

We could not reach the rapidly growing Fredericksburg community without your help and your support. As more people continue to move into the area, we want to be ready to meet the challenges they will face as young professionals; as recent grads; as pregnant teens; as those struggling with shame or secrets; as humans made in the image of God who are loved by the Creator and who need to hear, above all, that their lives and the lives of their children are not mistakes, and have value, purpose, and redemption in the hands of Jesus.

Throughout 2023, many seeds have been sown in the soil of our community; sown into the hearts of our clients, as well as the community that supports them. We’ve now reached the point where we, in faith, are going to pray to the Lord of the harvest and ask Him to intervene to continue to provide for this ministry. Will you be an answer to this prayer?